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Assen Superkart

EMG Motorsport participated in the first round off the European Championship round at ASSEN in the Netherlands.
The weekend didn’t go according to plan. Both qualifying was ruined by a faulty water pump, which led to problems with cooling of the engine. We qualified in position 34 out of 49 drivers. In the first race Erik had made his way up to 27th place when the spark plug on the rear cylinder failed and Erik had to pull in and the race was over. In the 2
race there was good pace in the engine and Erik maneuvered his way up through the field and was in 23 place when a driver error led to a trip in the gravel trap and a DNF.
A disappointing weekend in terms of results, but the rest of the weekend was nice with 82000 thousand spectators and the demonstration of the Red Bull F1 car was assume.

Best Regards
EMG Motorsport




The first race of the season is done, the event was at Rudskogen in Norway 7 and 8 of June.
EMG Motorsport qualified on pole position in tricky conditions. In the first race Erik finished in Third place and in the second race he finished in second place. Unfortunately we had ignition problems all weekend, which meant that Erik did not get a chance to show what he is capable of. Next race will be at Nurburgring in Germany in July.



Onbord from Rudskogen.



EMG Motorsport will race at Rudskogen in Norway in June, Nurburgring in July and the European championship at Assen in August. After this we decide if there will be more raceing in  2014.




EMG Motorsport upgrade 2014

Air box prototype v.1




Some encouraging results from the last race at Assen in 2013.
The most encouraging, the pace was 3 seconds  better than in the European Championship searlier in the year.
Qualified in4th place,4th place in Race1 and 5th place in Race2.








Some pictures from the European Championship Race at Assen in 2013











In 2013 the plan is to do 2 days of testing in April and May, then EM and one or 2 other races.

Last year was a big disappointment, unfortunately we had problems of one sort or the other in every race. All the effort was put in to resolving the problems.

I hope we can get some good results this year.                                                                       

Best Regards






EMG Motorsport will be ready for the first race at Hockenheim 20.04.2012. The Superkart is ready with some new updates for the 2012 season

If it will work or not time will tell.






Heat frustrates in Czech.


Erik and Team travelled to the CzechRepublic for the second round of the European Championship at Most. This event was run over the weekend of 11th and 12th of June 2011.


The team had a few minor issues during Qualifying. This ranged from a dislodged plug cap, to tyre blistering.


In qualifying 1 Erik retained 6th place for the most of the session. He was however unable to make a final run at the end of the session due to tyre blistering on the front left side. The consequences of this issue meant that at the end of the session, Erik had slipped to 10th position.


In the 2nd Session Erik again displayed some good form, but the session was frustrated when the plug cap and HT lead were dislodged from the rear cylinder. At the end of the session, Erik had recorded the 7th quickest lap.


In Race 1 Erik got off to a good start, and the motor was running strong. The ambient temperature however was 29 degrees, and there was a cooling issue with the motor. After the 3rd lap the water temp. in the motor had escalated to 80degrees, and the engine lost power. This meant that the engine was no longer competitive, and he slipped down the order. At the end of the Race he finished 10th.


In Race 2, despite attempts at remedial action, the motor continued to over-heat. This hampered progress. On lap 3 a problem developed with the power valve in the rear cylinder. A quick trip into the pits had the matter resolved; this however meant that Erik had dropped a lap to the Race leaders. At the end of the Race Erik finished 21th.


A frustrated Erik said ‘This was disappointing. My lap times would indicate that I could have finished 7th in the second Race’


The next round of the Championship will be held at Assen in August.




Race 1 Most

Race 2 Most


Race 2 Assen

Race 1 Assen



Slow Progress at Assen.



EMG Motorsport made their second appearance this year at the International Superkart Series at Assen on 4th and 5th of June 2011. The event was treated as an opportunity to do some testing, and an attempt to identify some engine issues which had caused problems at Magney Cours the previous month.


The weekend events passed off without any major issues. In Race 1 the motor temp escalated to levels which caused some concern. Erik managed to nurse the kart home in 5th place, with the driver in front only 0.1 seconds ahead, but the lap times were not impressive.


Some adjustments were made for the second Race, and Erik lead on the first lap. The track was damp and all drivers had opted for slick tyres. Erik’s reign at the front was short lived when he under steered off the track on lap 1. When he rejoined, he had slipped to 7th place. He fought back up the order. On the last lap he missed out on a podium place by 0.5 seconds.


The first Race was won by AdamKout on a VM motor. The second Race was won by Pricilla Speelman on a VM engine. Speaking after the event, Erik stated ‘ Our chassis set-up is now pretty good, but we are still some way off last years pace in respect of the motor’


Team EMG Motorsport will be contesting Round 2 of the European Championship. The venue for this event is Most in the Cz republic. This event takes place this weekend, 11th and 12th June 2011.





Failure in Magney Cours


The Team made their opening sortie into racing in the 2011 Season at the European Championship opener at Magney Cours. This event was on 14/15 May 2011. Testing on Thursday and Friday passed off without incident.


On Saturday morning, Erik set off for his 1st Qualifying session. This was a short travel, for the motor seized without warning before he got to turn two after leaving the pit lane. The team were unable to identify any obvious reason. A number of changes were made to the engine, and Erik made his way onto the Track for Qualifying 2. The motor ran for the full session, but was short of pace. He qualified 25rd.


On Sunday Morning 45 Karts set off for the first Race. Erik’s opportunity to make progress was ended at the completion of lap one, when the motor seized again. The cause of the problem was not identified, and consequently the complete motor was changed. The Team made the decision to participate in the second Race, but this was in an attempt to do some testing. The motor finished the 12 lap Race, but it was way short of the pace of the front runners. Erik finished 22th. The first Race was won by defending Champion Gavin Bennett. The second Race was won by Emmanuel Vinuales.


This was a very disappointing start to the championship. On reflection, Erik stated      ‘This was not what we had envisioned, and it has a major impact on any expectations we had for this years Championship’






Then we set sail for France and the first European round of Superkart at  MagnyCours(F). Only two ferries and 2400 km then we will be there. Paris next. Astala vista.





Pictures from EM Le Mans 2010



Race 1   EM Le Mans




 Le Mans  onbord



Disappointment at Le Mans




The final round of the European Championship was run at Le Mans on the weekend of 23rd to 25th of October 2010. Fifty four Superkarts took part in this event. Gavin Bennett from England went to this event as clear favorite, although he still remained under threat from Damian Pyart of France.


Friday Practice went well for Team EMG Motorsport. Whilst there were several problems with the Brakes, the rest of the package appeared to work well. The Times achieved were competitive, despite the fact that the Team were using old tyres.


Saturday morning Free Practice went well, with Erik reporting that the Kart was running very well. At 1330 hrs Erick set off on the 1st Qualifying Session. The Track was wet, with the arrival of rain threatening. On his 2nd flying lap, the big end on the rear cylinder failed, and the session was terminated. At the end of proceedings it left him at the back of a 54 strong grid. With the second Qualifying Session following one and a half hours later, it was impossible to get the motor stripped and rebuild for that session. Consequently, Erik was at the rear of the grid for both Races on the Sunday.


The first Kart Race on Sunday  was second on the Bill. Erik made a energetic start, and cut his way through the field. He made his way up to 13th. On lap 9, with four drivers just in front of him, the gear change pawl malfunctioned, thus forcing him out of the Race.


This was fixed for the second Race, and again Erik had to start the Race from the back of the Grid. From the first lap, a misfire curtailed his pace, and although he made progress through the field, his lap times were poor. He failed to match the performance in the first Race, and had to drive a slow Kart to the end of the race.


Both Races were won by Gavin Bennett, although Damien Pyart did push him hard in both Races. With these results, it ensured that Gavin Bennett has retained his title, and again is the European Champion.


At the end of the event, Erik reflected ‘ This has been a very disappointing weekend for us. Although we had good pace with the package, component failures ensured that we were unable to deliver.’




Race 1 from Assen.

On Board






Progress at Silverstone                                                                

Team EMG Motorsport had their first outing of the 2010 Season at Silverstone over the Easter weekend. This was the first round of the European Championship. There was much trepidation, as rumours were rife that some of the other Factory Teams had made big steps forward over the winter period.

All the Teams had the opportunity to avail of free practice on the Thursday and Friday prior to the commencement of the event. Erik had several outings during this period, and most of the time was spend on motor and chassis set-up. It was difficult to gauge performance, as there was no live timing for these runs.

Saturday morning saw all the competitors take to the circuit for the first Qualifying Session. Pole position was swapped a number of times between the usual favorites. Erik initially did a number of sighting laps on Wet Tyres. He then pitted and waited for a lengthy period before electing to fit slick tyres. With 8 minutes remaining, Erik launched a bit for a quick time. On his first lap he registered 5th quickest lap. On the next lap and with only seconds remaining, the Norwegian posted a time which elevated him to Pole Position for the first session. A delighted Erik commented ‘ I am so pleased to have posted the quickest time for this Session. I knew we had made progress during the off-season, but I was not expecting this. We still have a lot to understand in relation to the chassis set-up.

The early part of the second Qualifying was set-out by Erik. This however did not last long. After 4 laps, Trevor Robeats beat Erik’s Time. A few laps later, Gavin Bennett reduced the time by a further 1.6 seconds. Consequently, Erik was forced to take to the Track. On his first flying lap he registered the fasted time of the session. A lap later he pitted, but was disappointed to learn that his time had again been reduced by a number of Drivers. Another attempt was made to steal pole, but this was not to be, and he slipped to a disappointing 13th place.

Race one on Sunday morning made for an exciting spectacle. The Track was damp, and the big decision was Tyre selection. Erik elected to fit ‘Wet Tyres. Some of the front runners fitted Slick tyres. In less than a lap it was obvious that those competitors on Slicks had made the wrong decision. By the end of the first lap, Erik had forced his way from 13th to 3rd position behind Tony Algren, from Sweden and Trevor Roberts. By lap 3, Erik had moved into 2nd, and began to apply the pressure to Roberts. On Lap 4, Erik made his way into 1st. Trevor Roberts was denied the opportunity to respond, as his motor expired on the following lap. Erik began to move away from the Swedish driver, and things were under control for the middle section of the Race. Lurking in the background however was the ex-European Champion in the form of Damien Payart. Damien stalked Erik, and with just two laps to go, Damien took the lead, and remained in that position until the end of the Race.  Erik ran out the first Race in second position. ‘ For sure I am so delighted with this result. I appreciate there were mitigating circumstances in the form of Tyre selection. I picked the correct tyres, and now I have a good result. This is my first podium in this class, and I am happy’


Race two did not present the same difficulty for tyre selection, and it was slicks for everyone. After the first lap Erik moved from 13th to 12th. By lap 3 he had made his way up to 10th. On lap 7 Erik became aware that there was a problem with the Temp. of the engine. This was rising to dangerous levels. With one lap to go, and with 5 Points available, Erik decided to take on the challenge of the last lap. Good fortune however refused to shine, and with ¾ of a lap to complete, the motor expired. The race win was taken by a very fast Trevor Roberts. He was followed home by Gavin Bennett, with Malcom Crow seizing the last position on the podium.

On commenting after the Race, Erik said ‘ The reality is that in the dry with my chassis set-up, I did not have the pace of the first 6 drivers. It is disappointing to have come so close to getting good points in the second race, and yet fail in the end. If I could have finished the last lap, I would now be second in the Championship. As it stands I am now 3rd.’

The second venue of the championship is at Assen in Holland. This event is in August. The Team plan to compete in some of the other events in Europe over the coming months. This may include the UK Cup Meeting at Bishopscourt in Northern Ireland.


Best Regards


EMG Motorsport













Season 2009   



  3  place  Assen                Race 2

  4  place  Assen                Race 1

15  place  EM Assen          Race 1

13  place  EM assen           Race 2

10  plase  Oschersleben  Race 2

14  place  magny cours    Race 1


no results 2009


xx  place  Oschersleben  Race 1

xx  place  Most                   Race 1

xx  place  Most                   Race 2

xx  place  Magny cours     Race 2



First season in DIV1

With  PVP250cc

Season 2008



 7  place  Assen                Race 2

15 place  Assen                Race 2

10 place  Cadwell Park    Race 1



no results 2008


xx place  Cadwell Park    Race 2

xx place  Lausitzring       Race 1

xx place  Lausitzring       Race 2




Season 2007       Last

DIV2 Season with

Honda CR250cc

You will be missed


1 place  Nürburgring   Race 2

2 place  Nürburgring   Race 1

3 place  Anderstorp    Race 1

4 place  Anderstorp    Race 2

1 place  Nürburgring   Race 1

4 place  Nürburgring   Race 2


2 place 

World superkart serise 2007



Season 2006 


3 place  Nürburgring    Race 1

3 place  Nürburgring    Race 2

2 place  Zolder              Race 2

2 place  Cadwell Park  Race 1

2 place  Cadwell Park  Race 2


5  place 

 European Superkart serise 2006


Erik Gjertsen





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